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Hi there,

We at ePharmacology really believe that education should be free for all. And that's why we have launched ePharmacology using the free tools available to us: hubpages and blogspot.

We started with the wonderful subject of pharmacology but we have a larger vision in mind! We want to eventually cover other areas of science and technology and eventually move onto other subjects. We want to make information available to others in an easy to understand free format.

We strive each day to achieve our goal. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve the level of perfection that we struggle to attain. A little contribution from your side would really help us to go the extra mile! Your donation would help us with our basic commodities such as internet connection and so on so that we may continue to provide the less privileged ones with free information!

Thanks for being with us
The ePharmacology team.